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As is typical among mundane astrologers, imminent planetary events arose in the mundane astrologers facebook group. This time, the Saturn-Neptune closing (270°) square. Two predominantly in the media while Saturn and Neptune danced around the square, 2015-2016, Donald Trump and PopeFrancis, feature mutable planets in their horoscopes. The price of oil seems to have dived as Saturn and Neptune neared the 270° mark. The Saturn-Neptune square looks to have enhanced the Uranus-Pluto square that dominates the 2010s. As we move through 2016, Jupiter in Virgo moves opposite Neptune, forming a t-square with Saturn.

All three main US horoscope candidates affected

The US Horoscope Project (USHRP) is the only thing going on at right now. The time it occupies is well well worth it. To my knowledge, USHRP is the only place to see all of possible candidates for the US horoscope compared side by side and in relation to important events in US history.

Howland 4 July horoscope
How it all started

USHRP arose out of many discussions on mundane astrologers facebook open group about which chart best fits or describes the United States of America. Despite many seemingly endless discussions, mundane astrologers have yet to definitively decide which chart works best. Tellingly, some of us even conclude that one chart may not sufficiently describe any nation.

The reasons for this lack of consensus flows from the following:

  • The founders of the United States of America were busy defining themselves as separate from Great Britain

  • A declaration of independence does not necessarily create a nation or a nation-state

  • Articles of confederation might describe a nation, nation-state or a working agreement

  • A constitution may define a nation or how a nation-state operates

We can and should accept that the United States of America is a 

17870917 USConstitutionSigned

nation-state. Additional insight however may add confusion. A nation and a nation-state are two different, but sometimes interconnected things. A nation-state arises out of a nation, but what is a nation? If we could the USA compare to something that cam before, our job would be easier, but it was on the first, if not the first nation-state. It was the first nation to organize as a state that stemmed from an idea or philosophy rather than out of tribal

 origin. Perhaps even more confusing, it became a nation as it became a nation-state, unlike others who began as organically created nations.


Navigating USHRP

The USHRP menu is a dropdown. simply mousover any of the submenu items and click on the one you want. Nothing under 1st &2nd July or Other horoscopes yet. Right now Significant events in US history, Independence horoscopes, Articles of Confederation (AOC) horoscopes and Constitution horoscopes are populated.


USHRP so far

As of late December 2015, USHRP posts transit horoscopes for three candidate categories: Declaration of Independence (DOI), Articles of Confederation (AOC) and Constitution signed 17 September 1787. I say candidate categories because there

are more than a few choices under each. There are also others outside of these that may be worth testing.
As of this writing, I have not described much about each horoscope or candidate category. The main reason is that setting this up is time intensive. Another is that I am figuring this out as we go along.

17771115 AOCsigned
Eventually though, all will get filled in. I already have lots of content saved up from our group discussions and other sources. You can also expect progressions and other directions

What I have seen so far

After looking at the many transits USHRP so far generates, I really find it difficult to conclude one candidate is more significant than another, even though I have a personal preference. I see this as a good sign. If other astrologers see what I see, we can truly have an open minded discussion.
Among the three candidates I have managed to see how they complement one another. This relationship is something that only USHRP can demonstrate. I think we're onto something.  

18540706 reppartyformed 19460614 donaldtrumpDonald &nbsp;Trump currently dominates the Republican contest&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;for president. He's made the campaign all about him, instead of the GOP At a time when the party is demographically challenged, Donald in a few weeks of campaign overwhelmingly offends Hispanics, the fastest growing popultion and women, the largest voting bloc.
<p>The most interesting interesting angle is that the GOP created its own monster. When Megyn Kelly pointed out Mr. Trumps disparaging remarks toward women, he responded, "only Rosie O' Donnell!" The audience cheered.


A clue for Saudi Arabia's horoscope

Sunday, 3 January 2016 Saudi Arabia cut relations with the Republic of Iran. This escalation responds to Iranians looting the Saudi embassy. The problem with analyzing this event rests with uncertainty over which one, 1905 or 1932 best describes the Arabian kingdom.

Two horoscopes related to this diplomatic rift provides some insight.