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The United States of America relies on a foundation heavily centered on race and division. Unlike most other nations, it is built on an apparent promise of multi-ethnic relations, yet the majority's relations with three foundational ethnic groups Hispanic, Black and Native American. remains a hushed, sensitive topic with all the main participants holding often conflicting opinions. It is both ironic and revealing that a chief characteristic of the nation can only be discussed with the greatest sensitivity. It is barely mentioned in the astrological community, itself ostracized in Western culture.

Pluto Return: Some created equal?

The USA succeeds beyond expectations. Few European nations expected it to last beyond a few decades. It surely has turned into the wealthiest country,17760704 howlandhoroscope 20220220 doiusplutoreturn probably ever, on a per capita basis. Its military also ranks among the most capable in history.

Overall US wealth, however, rarely spreads evenly across the population. People of color especially suffer staggering inequality—Black and Hispanic families enjoy only a fraction of the wealth of White ones. In many ways, this imbalance begins to play out as the US Pluto Return and the browning of America that somewhat coincide.

As the minority becomes a majority, the results of years of failed schools, restricted housing options, lower retirement contributions and less stable families, each traceable to decades of policy that rewarded privilege for some at great expense to some, will manifest in contributions  to pensions and social security. The US will also lose to its competition in regards to education and academic support across many industries. 

When it comes to Pluto, hiding from truth only makes matters worse. 

You can fool some of the people…

More than minorities or people of color increasingly ponder what the US really is, what it really stands for.

Every nation trumpets a narrative that promotes cohesion. Nations extend the family, tribe, clan model so does the emotional call to belong to a group. The United States promotes “Freedom & Liberty for All”. In practice, US history suggests freedom and liberty for the few more than the many. After the 2008 economic crash and Great Recession, many, left and right, tied them to 'crony capitalism'. The question that historians and mundane astrologers should ask is how new it is? Has the United States ever been about Freedom & Liberty or something else?


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History suggests the latter. After the Constitution came into effect, it applied almost exclusively to White men who owned land. Women only gained the right-to-vote in 1920; there is no Equal Rights Amendment for women. Many people of color could only vote after the Voting Rights Act of 1963; some of its provision were recently weakened by the Supreme Court.

17870917USConstitutionSigned constsignedplutoreturn Pluto's process always comes down individual's absolute truth. Pluto deals with truth one cannot hide from the self. It can ultimately be a cleansing truth, a complete unburdening of the obfuscations and half-truths that bind us. Ultimately, it is inescapable, the truth that comes with death in the various forms that takes. 

Ironically, because the United States is considered a young culture, the US Pluto Return, exact in the early 2020s or 2030s, depending on which US horoscope, gives us one of the few chances to learn what to expect. Few political (or any) entity endures long enough continuously to provide a clean read of Pluto Returns across history. Otherwise, we have very little to compare to. Pluto's cleansing truth, however, is something we should expect. We are probably seeing it already.

Future post idea worth mentioning: the 2020s US Pluto Returns are also Neptune Half Returns.