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As is typical among mundane astrologers, imminent planetary events arose in the mundane astrologers facebook group. This time, the Saturn-Neptune closing (270°) square. Two predominantly in the media while Saturn and Neptune danced around the square, 2015-2016, Donald Trump and PopeFrancis, feature mutable planets in their horoscopes. The price of oil seems to have dived as Saturn and Neptune neared the 270° mark. The Saturn-Neptune square looks to have enhanced the Uranus-Pluto square that dominates the 2010s. As we move through 2016, Jupiter in Virgo moves opposite Neptune, forming a t-square with Saturn.

All three main US horoscope candidates affected

For now, I consider the Independence, Articles of Confederation (AOC) and Constitution horoscopes as the most likely to produce results. Casting each against the 2016 t-square produces the following:

 17760704 howlandhoroscope 20160617 sat270nep 17771115 AOCsigned 20160617 sat270nep outers 

 Howland Independence horoscope at June 2016 Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune t-square

 AOC horoscope at June 2016 Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune t-square

 17870917 USConstitutionSigned 20160617 sat270nep 20160617 sat270nep 

 Constitution signing horoscope at June 2016 Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune t-square

June 2016 Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune t-square

What does it mean?

I honestly have no idea of what will play out in mid-June 2016 vis a vis these horoscopes. I do find it interesting that the t-square indicates some impact for all three horoscopes around that time. If astrological theory holds true, we should expect the most important impact to appear for the AOC chart since the transits appear at the angles.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to have an experimental target that may produce results.