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I'm getting more comfortable looking at US events through the various options for which is the US horoscope (see Dallas Police Murdered and US horoscope candidates). In that light, posted without comment are Independence, Articles of Confederation (AOC) and Constitution synastry horoscopes for both main party candidates. [Publishers note: Iknow there are others, but doing what time allows]

Donald J Trump & Howland Independence horoscope


 17760704 Howland Horoscope 19460614donaldjtrump

 Hillary Rodham Clinton & Howland Independence horoscope


 17760704 Howland Horoscope 19471026 hillaryrclinton

Donald J Trump & AOC signing horoscope

 17771115 AOCsigned 19460604donaldjtrumpHillary Rodham Clinton & AOC signing horoscope


17771115 AOCsigned 19461026 hillaryrclinton

Donald J Trump & Constitution signing horoscope

17870917 USConstitutionSigned 19460604donaldjtrump

Hillary Rodham Clinton & Constitution signing horoscope

17870917 USConstitutionSigned 19471926hillaryrclinton



This is a grim test for which US horoscope may best describe the USA, but it is a topic many follow now.

When you look at transits to each of the three candidates Independence (Sibly), Articles of Confederation (AOC) signed and the US Constitution signing horoscopes for this grim event we see significant hard transits for each horoscope candidate. What does this tell us? I am not sure. It could mean are each valid. And no, I have not spent time analyzing every transit for each candidate. I just think that assuming your favorite candidate holds all the answers ignores what could be a larger picture. As with science, astrology is never settled. We should remain open to all possibilities.

Dallas Police Murdered: Sibly Horoscope

17760704 siblyushoroscope 20160707 5officerskilledindallas


Dallas Police Murdered: AOC signed Horoscope

17771115 AOCsigned 20160707 5officerskilledindallas



Dallas Police Murdered: Constitution signed Horoscope

17870917 USConstitutionSigned 20160707 5officerskilledindallas

After the Republican 2016 Super Tuesday elections, the narrative centers on whether the party can stop Donald Trump. Since the 2016 election hotted up in summer 2015 I have posited that the Republican Party cannot survive its 2016 loss in the presidential contest. With the latest developments, I wonder whether or not it can survive Donald J. Trump.

18540706 reppartyformedThe Republican Party horoscope

The Republican Party formed via breakaways from the Whig Party who wanted more done to end slavery. They also sought more influence for securing land beyond the Midwest, where the party was born. The first organizational meetings took place in February and March, 1854. Its first public act came when Horace Greeley promoted it by name during a speech, 6 July 1854, reportedly at 1:05 pm.

Has Trump already killed the Republican Party?

That Donald Trump, a businessman without a day in politics before he announced in June 2015, leads the Republican Party in the presidential primary speaks volumes. Whether we wins the nomination or not, he shows that the party may no longer be a thing. He quite deliberately avoids using either the party's machine or its money. The primary battle is between its establishment and Mr. Trump. Win or lose, it will be difficult to reassemble the Grand Old Party.


'This is not simply about Donald Trump. For Trump is not the result of forces which will come and go, but of a deterioration within the Republican Party that has been accelerating for years. The GOP has become a Frankenstein monster, assembled from dysfunction, demagoguery, myopia and myth, nurtured in a fever swamp where lies and hysteria kill off reason. Nothing better will arise until you help drive a stake through its heart.'
An Open Letter to My Republican Friends

Mr. Trump can take over a well established organization because the party forfeited its credibility. It cannot erase the memory that its most recent president misled his country into an expensive war, crashed his nation's economy and flew over the catastrophically flooded parishes of New Orleans. Trump gained his followers' ears because who can ignore sixty plus failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act? People who vote Republican are looking for New Management.

Often, denial that astrologers associate Neptune with, works in ways that those in denial are the last to recognize their state. That they take a chance on a flawed businessman—Donald J Trump leaves a string of painful, shady business failures with his name all over them—demonstrates how far from reality they are willing to stray.

The real denial of the Republican Party18540706 reppartyformed 20161108 electionday

After the 2012 loss to Barack Obama, the Republican Party released its “autopsy” of what went wrong. One of its most memorable items advised reaching out to minorities. Another recommended higher sensitivity to women's wants and needs. Does it sound like anyone during their numerous debate read the memo?

The advice comes because the Republican Party continues as one which favors mostly older Whites. It continues to hide behind its “We're not really racist”, or “ we are only protecting women”, justifications. It continues to be the party of 1980s trickle down economics and John Wayne war fantasies. It no longer cohesively knows what it stands for because for so long it has stood against policy, change, government, minorities, gender equality, take your pick.

We know that Republicans named themselves the guardian of conservatism. This boomerangs because too obviously became about how George W. Bush used his position to play out an Oedipus issues in Iraq, for instance. How does anyone hide that the Republican congresses during Obama's terms have been among the least productive in US history? Is Republican conservatism figuring out ways not to show up at work?  Everyone agrees that the Republican Party is out of step and more simply, broken, except Republicans.

Who is in denial? 

18540706 reppartyformed 19680825 southerstrategySince Richard Nixon made a deal with the Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond to bring White Southern voters into the Republican Party the party has pursued a strategy of division. It even has a name: The Southern Strategy. One of its major characteristic is its hushed nature, as detailed by party strategist, Lee Atwater.

'You start in 1954 by saying ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can’t say ‘Nigger.’ That hurts you. It backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states rights and all that stuff and you get so abstract. Now you talk about cutting taxes and these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that’s part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract and that coded, we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. Obviously sitting around saying we want to cut taxes and we want this, is a lot more abstract than even the busing thing and a hell of a lot more abstract than nigger nigger. So anyway you look at it, race is coming on the back burner.'

Exclusive: Lee Atwater’s Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy 

Donald Trump twists this abstraction to a logical extent. The Republican Party created the reality show monster it now fears. More precisely, it created those who support his (non)message. His popularity comes down to an appeal to those who fear the browning of America. Make America Great Again cannot help but echo the divisions on which the United States was built, thrived upon and continued down to our time. It is a division on which the Republican Party was formed. His slogan is very reminiscent of the unspoken sentiment Mr. Atwater admitted to in 1981.

Unspoken rules, assumed roles feed off the nebulous nature of Neptune. Deception breeds deception.

Neptune, however is not just about delusion, deception or lack of form. Its positive manifestation sacrifices for the greater good, succeeds via relinquishing control and through more profound knowledge of self. Neptune's way eschews ego and in your face tactics. Neptune seeks universal love

I think it is quite clear where I am going on this. The Republican Party with transiting Saturn square radix Neptune, transiting Neptune square radix Saturn and at the edge of its first Neptune Return avoids the most obvious cure: a thorough, serious, humble effort to figure what the Republican Party is and what it stands FOR. US conservatism, for the sake of all, can heal itself by emulating the humble strength exhibited by one of its most influential members, Abraham Lincoln.


The United States of America relies on a foundation heavily centered on race and division. Unlike most other nations, it is built on an apparent promise of multi-ethnic relations, yet the majority's relations with three foundational ethnic groups Hispanic, Black and Native American. remains a hushed, sensitive topic with all the main participants holding often conflicting opinions. It is both ironic and revealing that a chief characteristic of the nation can only be discussed with the greatest sensitivity. It is barely mentioned in the astrological community, itself ostracized in Western culture.

Pluto Return: Some created equal?

The USA succeeds beyond expectations. Few European nations expected it to last beyond a few decades. It surely has turned into the wealthiest country,17760704 howlandhoroscope 20220220 doiusplutoreturn probably ever, on a per capita basis. Its military also ranks among the most capable in history.

Overall US wealth, however, rarely spreads evenly across the population. People of color especially suffer staggering inequality—Black and Hispanic families enjoy only a fraction of the wealth of White ones. In many ways, this imbalance begins to play out as the US Pluto Return and the browning of America that somewhat coincide.

As the minority becomes a majority, the results of years of failed schools, restricted housing options, lower retirement contributions and less stable families, each traceable to decades of policy that rewarded privilege for some at great expense to some, will manifest in contributions  to pensions and social security. The US will also lose to its competition in regards to education and academic support across many industries. 

When it comes to Pluto, hiding from truth only makes matters worse. 

You can fool some of the people…

More than minorities or people of color increasingly ponder what the US really is, what it really stands for.

Every nation trumpets a narrative that promotes cohesion. Nations extend the family, tribe, clan model so does the emotional call to belong to a group. The United States promotes “Freedom & Liberty for All”. In practice, US history suggests freedom and liberty for the few more than the many. After the 2008 economic crash and Great Recession, many, left and right, tied them to 'crony capitalism'. The question that historians and mundane astrologers should ask is how new it is? Has the United States ever been about Freedom & Liberty or something else?


17771115 AOCsigned 20220311 aocusplutoreturn

History suggests the latter. After the Constitution came into effect, it applied almost exclusively to White men who owned land. Women only gained the right-to-vote in 1920; there is no Equal Rights Amendment for women. Many people of color could only vote after the Voting Rights Act of 1963; some of its provision were recently weakened by the Supreme Court.

17870917USConstitutionSigned constsignedplutoreturn Pluto's process always comes down individual's absolute truth. Pluto deals with truth one cannot hide from the self. It can ultimately be a cleansing truth, a complete unburdening of the obfuscations and half-truths that bind us. Ultimately, it is inescapable, the truth that comes with death in the various forms that takes. 

Ironically, because the United States is considered a young culture, the US Pluto Return, exact in the early 2020s or 2030s, depending on which US horoscope, gives us one of the few chances to learn what to expect. Few political (or any) entity endures long enough continuously to provide a clean read of Pluto Returns across history. Otherwise, we have very little to compare to. Pluto's cleansing truth, however, is something we should expect. We are probably seeing it already.

Future post idea worth mentioning: the 2020s US Pluto Returns are also Neptune Half Returns.