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This is a grim test for which US horoscope may best describe the USA, but it is a topic many follow now.

When you look at transits to each of the three candidates Independence (Sibly), Articles of Confederation (AOC) signed and the US Constitution signing horoscopes for this grim event we see significant hard transits for each horoscope candidate. What does this tell us? I am not sure. It could mean are each valid. And no, I have not spent time analyzing every transit for each candidate. I just think that assuming your favorite candidate holds all the answers ignores what could be a larger picture. As with science, astrology is never settled. We should remain open to all possibilities.

Dallas Police Murdered: Sibly Horoscope

17760704 siblyushoroscope 20160707 5officerskilledindallas


Dallas Police Murdered: AOC signed Horoscope

17771115 AOCsigned 20160707 5officerskilledindallas



Dallas Police Murdered: Constitution signed Horoscope

17870917 USConstitutionSigned 20160707 5officerskilledindallas