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A clue for Saudi Arabia's horoscope

Sunday, 3 January 2016 Saudi Arabia cut relations with the Republic of Iran. This escalation responds to Iranians looting the Saudi embassy. The problem with analyzing this event rests with uncertainty over which one, 1905 or 1932 best describes the Arabian kingdom.

Two horoscopes related to this diplomatic rift provides some insight.

19790401 RepublicofIran 20160103 saseversrelationswithiran

Republic of Iran
Saudis sever diplomatic relations

The transiting Saturn-Neptune square, religious connotations and all, clearly shows up here. Neptune closely opposes radix Saturn; transiting Saturn, just over the Ascendant also squares its radix position. The combination, including Venus turns into a challenging t-square, related to how the nation relates to its ideals. Doubly relevant Venus feeds nationalistic passions. 

Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Iran19320922 saudiarabiauniteskingdoms 19790401 republcofiran



A simple synastry horoscope between the two nations suggests Saudi Arabia's 1932 horoscope interacts with both Iran and this severing of relations. Iran's Saturn, its sense of order, conjoins Saudi Arabia's Neptune, its sense of ideal society, which is amplified by its conjunction with Jupiter. Thus, the diplomatic event's Neptune in Pisces opposes this flash point between the two nations.

It is only one horoscope, but this confluence points to the strength of Saudi Arabia's 1932 horoscope. 


All horoscopes in question appear on the next page.

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