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Looking at the plethora of charts the US Horoscope Research Project(USHRP) generates, I have difficulty deciding which candidate of the three so far works best. Looking through theSignificant Events of US History, I realized some events have common themes: war, economics, SCOTUS decisions, etc. I think you can see where the logic is going, So this is the first in series of articles that aggregrate horoscopes around common themes.

War Entry Criteria

When is a war, a war? War is not always easily defined. A conflict is not necessarily a war, so for this survey I have decided to limit it to official declarations and obvious cases of escalation. It may expand to cover others possibilities, but the ones on these pages should suffice for now. As of this writing, the horoscopes are those of the events themselves and transit horoscopes for Independence, Articles of Confederation and Constitution signing. The survey begins on the next page.