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The United States Pluto Return of the Early 2020s

Most astrologers choose Independence for the United States horoscopes, fewer choose the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. This creates two possibilities: Pluto in Capricorn for the 1770 charts' Aquarius for the 1780s (Constitution) ones. US Independence is symbolic and must be considered a leading choice. The confederation government, in effect 177-1787, was the first of the United States Measuring the results of the Pluto Return against them offers captivating insight. These choices put possible Pluto Returns in the early 2020s for Independence era horoscopes; the early 2030s for the Constitution. Since the Which is the Real US Horoscope debate still echoes around the Internet, we should use any opportunity to test the question. What happens in the 2020s for 1770s may provide important answers.

First Nation-State Pluto Return

[caption id="attachment_495" align="alignleft" width="289"]Peter Novak July 2nd Pluto Horoscope, Pluto Return Peter Novak July 2nd Pluto Horoscope, Pluto Return
February 2, 2022[/caption] The United States was the first nation-state to emerge. It was also the first to emerge from an idea. Yes, there were nations before the US came around, but these evolved from kingdoms. We have no previous model to follow. The closest examples I can think of how is how England evolved from the time of Richard II to the English Civil War since it roughly spans the 249 Years of Pluto's orbit; we could also look at similar observations about the French crown from the beginning of the 15th Century to Les Frondes, the failed nobility uprising against the monarchy. Either way, the US Pluto Return will set a precedent others will follow.

Pressing Issues of Our Time

The mundane astrologers facebook group chose the following as top concerns:

Of course, this is not a representative sample, but I think most readers will agree that the United States is at a critical stage in its history. It must now contend on the global stage where it will be a more equal player.

US Pluto Return: the Other Planets

The 2020s US Pluto Return arrive within two years of Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions to Pluto; both also square Uranus within the same timeframe. This puts the Return at an interesting point in history. Twenty year Jupiter-Saturn cycles define economic ones; Saturn-Pluto cycles clearly define intra-Century events, such as the Thirty Years War and the French Revolution period, 1786-1819. This upcoming Saturn-Pluto cycle ends one that began in 1983 and begins one that ends in 2053. The Return arrives when US power is clearly in question. Arriving at the reason has a completely non-political source. It is unreasonable to expect any nation to maintain its status in this global age. Yes, the United States has many advantages, but so do other states. China and India middle classes outnumber total US population. In the digital world, most barriers to information are removed; a sizeable majority have instant access to data of all types. China builds factories all over the world. Some tech jobs can be performed anywhere in the industrialized world. Military strength means something completely different than during the Cold War. The United States Pluto Return arrives at moment complete global transition. How do you think it will play out?